Rooks Mid-June Recap

Rooks Mid-June Recap
The last two weekends have brought mixed results for the Rooks.
Men’s U23 vs. CKS Warta U21 (GCSL): 6-1 WIN
R. Aguilar 39’
J. Vehovsky 59’ 
H. Miller 65’, 82’
CKS Warta 70’
M. Hunlede 80’, 85’
Men’s U23 vs. KICS FC Talara U23 (GCSL): 3-1 WIN
Talara 13’
K. Tagbae 27’
R. Ramos 81’
K. Hollman 91’
Mens’s First Team vs. Rockford FC (MWPL): 2-0 LOSS
W. Shaibi (Rockford) 80’, 83’
Mens’s First Team vs. Berber City SC (MWPL): 3-1 WIN
Berber City 10’
E. Dagatti (Edgewater) 36’, 60’
Q. Benedetto (Edgewater) 50’
Women’s IWSL Team vs. Uncoachables (IWSL): 11-0 WIN
Women’s First Team vs. Chicago Rush (UWS): 3-0 WIN
A. Buechel (Edgewater) 17’
C. Sengstock (Edgewater) 33’
L. Hall (Edgewater) 48’
Women’s First Team vs. Indiana Union (UWS): 6-3 LOSS
K. Boos (Edgewater) Hat-trick
Men’s U23 Team
The first two games of the Men’s U23 campaign were solid outings, with both their GCSL debut against CKS Warta’s U21 squad on the 8th and their game against KICS FC Talara’s U23 squad last friday both ending in solid victories for the Rooks.
Edgewater’s 6-1 win against CKS Warta U21 was both a shining start for the GCSL season and an excellent debut for U23 head coach Al Stanković. The Rooks started strong, pressuring CKS Warta’s squad early with many close chances while pushing up the field into their third. The Rooks capitalized on their dominating possession by scoring at 39’, where Ruben Aguilar netted the ball into the right corner to turn the tide of the match in Edgewater’s favor.
Following Aguilar’s goal, the Rooks were energetic heading into the second half. Continuing the pressure, the Rooks offense continued to press onward; at 59’, Rooks player Joey Vehovsky launched the ball from the middle of the box left of CKS Warta’s keeper, and his teammate Henry Miller bounced the ball into the net off of the post and into the right corner CKS Warta’s goal at 60’. 
CKS Warta would bounce back at 70’, scoring after one of their players rushed past the Rooks defensive wall, but the Rooks’ scoring streak would continue. Merric Hunlede would be the next to score for Edgewater at 80’, scoring off of a well placed corner kick inside of the box. Henry Miller would then secure his brace shortly afterwards at 82’, banging a ball into the center of the goal. Hunlede would wind in the 6-1 victory by being at the right place at the right time to capitalize off of another solid cross at 85’. 
After their victory, the Rooks celebrated both their teammate Jhoni Barrios’s birthday and the solid win. Head coach Stancović was all smiles after his side’s performance.
“Great game tonight [all], let’s make sure to bring it again next week,” Stancović said while addressing the team.
The following week, his side would honor his words by beating KICS FC Talara’s U23 squad 3-1 last Saturday. After conceding to Talara off of a free kick at 13’ and after Rooks goalkeeper Raul Jasso would dive right to block a Talara penalty kick at 20’, the Rooks would press on to make a memorable comeback. 
At 27’, after breaking away from Talara’s  midfield thanks to a great pass by Rambert Ramos, Kevin Tagbe would send the ball soaring past Talara’s keeper into the left corner to tie the game. After hard-fought clashes and close goals by both sides, the Rooks managed to break the tie at 81’ thanks to an accurate shot from the midfield by Rambert Ramos into Talara’s goal’s top right corner.
Edgewater goal scorers Kevin Tagbe (right), Rambert Ramos (middle) and Kyle Hollman (left) pose after the game. 
To cap off their performance, Kyle Hollman sent the ball flying in the box at 91’, sending it to the top right of Talara’s net past the keeper’s reach to make the game 3-1. Now top of GCSL U23 Division Red’s table, the Men’s U23 team now looks to continue leading the pack as they move on to their next game against Chicago Ghost FC at Foster Turf Fields this Friday at 8:45 PM. Attendance is free, so be sure to come out and support the future of Edgewater’s Men’s squad.
Men’s First Team
The last two weeks for the Men’s First were a mixed bag filled with a gutting loss and a valuable victory as they continue to pursue promotion.
Their game on June 1st against Rockford FC was tough 2-0 loss, where two late goals by Rockford FC’s Whaleed Shaibi worsened Edgewater’s chances of regulation.
While harsh rain kept pouring down, both teams were locked in a tight battle for possession during the first half of the match. Rooks goalkeeper Aidan Crawford was steadfast in his defense, keeping the Rooks in the game by blocking multiple great chances by Rockford. The Rooks also had some chances, but the momentum remained in Rockford’s side as the team continued to pressure Crawford throughout the half.
As the second half rolled in, the Rooks maintained the majority of possession, but lacked the ability to shoot past Rockford’s defense while in their box. After what looked to be a repeat of the stalemate from the first half, Shaibi would strike; at 80’, Shaibi snuck the ball past Crawford, scoring underneath him after rushing the Rooks defense up the left side of the pitch. At 83’, Shaibi would score again, running past Crawford to score on a Rooks empty net.
Following the loss, their next game against Berber City was a must-win to make Edgewater’s promotion dreams a reality. Thankfully for the Rooks, they took their match against Rockford to heart and beat their opponents 3-1 to keep their season on track.
Berber City were the first to strike at 10’; similar to Shaibi’s goal, Berber City’s player ran past Rooks goalkeeper Aidan Crawford and scored an empty netter. However, unlike their previous game, the Rooks rallied to get to victory, starting with Enzo Dagatti sending the ball past Berber City’s keeper diagonally to the left from the right side of the field to tie the game at 36’.
Using the momentum from Dagatti’s goal, the Rooks would continue unloading their offense in the second half. Quentin “Q” Benedetto headed a bouncing ball into the net from the right of the box at 50’ after an accurate corner kick from TJ Cairney gave him the perfect opportunity to do so. Shortly after, Dagatti would secure his brace at 60’ by sending the ball soaring left outside of the box. The Rooks would continue to hold their 3-1 victory for the rest of the game, giving them a crucial win to maintain their 3rd place spot in Heartland Division 2 table. 
The Men’s First Team are now set to travel to Green Bay, Wisconsin this Saturday to face Green Bay Glory at 6 PM to decide whether or not they can control their destiny in the promotion race.
Women’s IWSL Team
The Women’s IWSL team had a dominating performance against Untouchables last Sunday, where strong play and vast offensive excellence secured them a 11-0 victory.
The Rooks’ impressive scoresheet was the product of their sharp offensive and defensive strategies. Continuously pressing the ball into Untouchables’ third while blocking their access to the Rooks’ goal, the Rooks were able to make their IWSL debut a clean sheet with goals galore.
Following this massive success, the Women’s IWSL team are now primed to face Stingrays this Saturday at 10:15 AM at Wilson Turf Field. Attendance is free, so be sure to come out to support your Rooks in what should be another high-scoring affair.
The Women's starting 11 against Chicago Rush on June 1st. Credit: Andrew Swanson (
Women’s First Team
The Women’s First Team were the Strength Against the Storm on June 1st, thwarting Chicago Rush 3-0 in a stormy away day to remember.
After their tough loss last week to Rockford Raptors FC, the Rooks wanted to come back swinging. Blasting their rain-day playlist, both the Women’s First Team players and staff were feeling energetic heading into the game, even as the day’s rain crashed down on them.
The wet weather didn’t hinder the Rooks’ quality of play; starting off strong following a great free kick save by Rooks goalkeeper Nicole D’Agostino at 1’, the Rooks maintained consistent possession and an offensive will to continue pressing into Rush’s territory. Solid defending by Jackie Tamas and Alexis Gonzalez stopped Rush in their tracks, and the Rooks had no problems pressing the ball into Rush’s box having multiple opportunities in the opening minutes. The opening pressure allowed for Edgewater winger Amanda Buechel to be at the right place at the right time to chip the ball into the goal off of Rush’s goalkeeper’s deflection to make the game 1-0.
The Rooks’ domination would continue in the first half as Courtney Sengstock would send a long shot flying to the left side of Rush’s goal past their keeper at 33’. Game managing play from Natasha Davenport and Kristin Boos would keep the Rooks with the majority of possession and limiting Rush’s attempts to only a handful. As the second half approached, Women’s First Team head coach Duygu Erdoğan laughed with D’Agostino about her lack of action on the pitch.
“Dags is still alive,” Erdoğan quipped during the break. 
Lauren Hall (left) celebrates her free kick goal with her teammates. Credit: Tom Arnison (
With the rains till pelting down, the Rooks were still keen on dishing out goals. At 48’, center back Lauren Hall sent a free kick zooming into the net, deflecting it off of the keeper’s touch to extend Edgewater’s lead to 3-0
Sadly, due to the field being deemed hazardous due to flooding, the game was suspended at 58’. Despite the stoppage, however, the dominant performance by the Rooks landed them a well deserved victory away from home.
The Women’s First Team would embark on another away day last Saturday to face Indiana Union at Trinity Sports Park, losing 6-3. 
Kristin Boos fights off an Indiana Union player for the ball in the midfield. Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski (
Despite the Rooks faltering defensively in this affair, Rooks forward Kristin Boos scored an impressive hat-trick in the first half to keep the Rooks in the game. Indiana Union’s impressive offensive capabilities were found to be trouble for the Rooks however, with their chances ultimately striking past Edgewater’s defenses on their trip long away from home.
Pictures of the Women's First Team's match with Indiana Union on June 8th. Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski (
The Women’s First Team will play this Saturday at home at the Fire Pitch against Firebirds SC at 8:30 PM. To get your tickets, hit the button below:
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