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ECPC is a program created by Chicago-based soccer club Edgewater Castle FC. Since starting in 2017, this community soccer club from Edgewater has made it far and is currently competing in the Midwest Premier League. Over the next months we will share interviews with players, coaches, and staff to tell the story of this club.
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Episode 05 - Connor Moore

Connor Moore joined the ECFC Broadcasting team this MWPL season and hosted one of our home games. We sat down with him at the Chicago Red Stars office and talked about how he got into broadcasting, his idols, women's soccer and more things.
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Thanks to CRS for allowing us to record this episode in their office.



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Episode 04 - Gabriel Masalu

In this episode you'll get to know Gabriel Masalu. The ECFC defender has been with the club since the beginning.


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Episode 03 - Koray Yesilli

The Rooks' team captain gives you an insight into his career & journey that brought him to ECFC, talks about differences between German & US soccer, injuries, and the individual potential when working in a diverse team with a big age range. And you can find out who will win the Euros 2020, according to Koray.


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Episode 02 - Sean Wilson

Our assistant coach gives insight into the Rooks' training session, his coaching origin story, philosophy, and how his wife's work in theatre inspires him as a coach.


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Episode 01 - Tobias Wimmer

Our first guest is the Swiss-German defender Tobias Wimmer, who shares his personal story, how he became the player that he is, and why he loves playing with the Rooks at ECFC.

left: Tobi, age 2, with his first red soccer ball

right: Years older, but still fascinated by red soccer balls

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