Patience Is A Virtue : Growing A Community In 2020

Patience Is A Virtue : Growing A Community In 2020

Greetings, Humans living through this moment. 

Well... It's been a year folks... Wildly enough, it's only been 8.5 months and yet 2020 has brought change to our world in profound ways. I often think that in a period of time so wrought with difficulty as this one; why put so much effort into something so seemingly trivial as a soccer team? Surely there are more important things to do?

My answer to that isn't simple, and it isn't science by a long shot. I still believe it; We need as many counterweights to fear, division and hate as possible in our communities (I believe in science too btw and so should you). Our  club's founding motto is "The Strength Against The Storm" - and every horrible thing happening to the systemically disenfranchised in America today? That's what we mean by "The Storm".

Our club is meant to serve as a safe haven from all that is unfair, all our real life  troubles and stormy thoughts - That's what we believe the game should be - for everyone who seeks it out. The strength we build in each other is founded and based in joy. Joy is what we can provide. We were planning for a joyful summer for our 1st team. Though we had to cancel our PSL Chicagoland campaign at the last minute, we played 3 great friendly matches before August 15th, against Juanetaclan FC, Chicago Athletic FC & Czarni Jaslo. We have a great deal more games waiting for us somewhere in the future. When we get there, we will be more ready than ever.

We will keep training, and growing and getting better in every facet of our organization. We will be patient as we continue to walk up this hill we started on in 2017, taking each set back as it comes and working toward the brighter future we all see high up ahead of us. We will make it through this. I know that because I believe that if given the chance, you will believe in us and you will support us. And we need that support. When we come back next year, we want you there in our stadium, cheering us on to victory. 

One thing I've repeated since we started out is "It takes a hundred years to build a great football club." We're just getting started. Keep your eyes peeled for more news throughout the remainder of 2020. The next chapter will not be a simple one, but we will pursue the joy in it all the same. 

Thank you for your time. Be well, wear a mask & support local football clubs. 

Andrew Swanson
Co-Founder & General Manager
Edgewater Castle Football Club

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