Krueger's Hat-Trick Comeback Seals Edgewater's 3-3 Tie With Roscoe

Krueger's Hat-Trick Comeback Seals Edgewater's 3-3 Tie With Roscoe
The Men’s First Team started off their MWPL season in a Chicago derby to remember following a hard fought elimination from the United States Adult Soccer Association Amateur Cup.
Men’s First Team vs. Wisloka Chicago (USASA Amateur Cup Round 2): 2-1 L
Knap (Wisłoka) 21’
Dagatti (Edgewater) 36’
Wójcik (Wisłoka) 87’
Men’s First Team vs. AFC Roscoe (MWPL): 3-3 DRAW
Lee (Roscoe) 9’, 68’
Yaw (Roscoe) 17’
Krueger (Edgewater) 52, 78’, 83’ (PK)
David Abidor (left) fights for the ball.  Credit: Liam Hettinger (
Men’s First Team vs. Wisłoka Chicago
The Rooks’ first game of the week was in the USASA Amatueur Cup’s second round against Wisłoka Chicago at Olympic Park in Schaumburg, Illinois last Wednesday night. Edgewater and Wisłoka kept the game close thanks to some great individual performances, but a late Wisłoka free kick ended the Rooks’ USASA Amateur Cup hopes in a 2-1 loss.
Filled with the chants of Wisłoka fanbase, the atmosphere at Olympic Park was fitting for a high stakes elimination round matchup. Backed by their fans, both teams brought a wave of intensity on the pitch that lasted throughout the game.
The beginning of the game was filled with near misses from both sides. Edgewater goalkeeper Jack Monson held off a slew of Wisłoka shots within the first ten minutes, including a Wisłoka free kick that just missed over the top bar at 10’. The Rooks also created offensive pressure, with Enzo Dagatti, Alex Kreminskyi, and Bardia Kimiavi missing shots at 16’, 18’, and 19’ respectively.
Wisłoka would be the first to break the stalemate. After getting the ball in the middle of the box from a corner kick, Wisłoka player Patryk Knap would shoot the ball in the top left corner of the goal after Edgewater failed to get the ball out. 
Frustrated but determined, the Rooks continued pressing on. Teamwork by Enzo Dagatti and Gustav Ericsson maintained possession in the midfield, giving the Rooks an opportunity to strike back.
At 36’, a long pass from David Abidor reached Herbert Carrera who played a quick pass into Dagatti, who launched the ball right past Wisłoka goalkeeper Konrad Dziedzic’s reach after a smooth one-touch turn. The Rooks rallied around Dagatti’s score, keeping the game 1-1 going into the half.
Wisłoka maintained a high offensive press within the second half, one that tested the Rook’s defense. Edgewater defenders David Abidor and Quentin “Q” Benedetto held back Wisłoka goals with their game-managing tackles, and Ericsson stopped a one-on-one scoring opportunity through his quick thinking in the Rooks’ defensive third. Monson also kept calm composure, blocking two scoring opportunities on the same play at 67’, blocking a first shot from the center of the goal and another diving left with his arm fully extended. Edgewater tried to respond in their attacks, but attempts continued to be either blocked by Dziedzic or were left off target.
The game appeared to be heading into extra time until Wisłoka player Wojciech Wójcik sent a free kick sailing at 87’. Curving the ball over the heads of the Rooks’ wall and past Monson’s grasp, Wójcik secured Wisłoka’s place in Round 3 of the USASA Amateur Cup in a 2-1 win. 
Jake Krueger (center) celebrates his tying penalty kick with his teammates.  Credit: Ruben Urquiza (
Men’s First Team vs. AFC Roscoe
Following their defeat earlier on in the week, the Men’s First Team looked to rejuvenate the start of their MWPL season in their game against AFC Roscoe at the Fire Pitch last Saturday night.Thanks to a second half hat-trick by Jake Krueger, Edgewater managed to to make a comeback for the ages, drawing Roscoe 3-3. 
Despite a downpour of a storm descending onto the pitch prior to the game threatening the chances of the derby happening prior to kickoff, a crowd of 117 Edgewater and Roscoe fans showed up to see the Chicago neighbors face off. The atmosphere was heated; following Edgewater’s penalty shootout win against Roscoe in an intense 2-2 draw in the Illinois State Cup quarterfinal, both clubs wanted to harm the other’s chances of promotion to MWPL’s Heartland Division 1.
Goalkeeper Aidan Crawford calms his squad after preventing a goal.  Credit: Ruben Urquiza (
AFC Roscoe came out swinging in the opening minutes, striking doubt into Rooks supporters. By spending the majority of the time in Edgewater’s third, Roscoe managed to create more shots and hold more possession than their rivals. Though Edgewater goalkeeper Aidan Crawford mustered up some great initial saves, including a diving save left within the first minute of the match, Roscoe’s offensive pressure spurred a goal at 9’. 
Roscoe forward Morais Lee capitalized off of a corner to set the first half’s tempo. After Crawford punched the ball into the air after the corner sent it straight into the box, Lee snagged the ball and struck it into the low right side of the net. 
Shortly afterwards, Roscoe would score again off of a defensive error by the Rooks. Pressing forwards, Roscoe forward Eric Yaw avoided Edgewater defender Tobias Wimmer’s tackle close to goal. Left in a one-on-one situation, Crawford tried to defend his net, but slipped, leaving the net empty for Yaw’s goal at 17’, making the game 2-0.
Edgewater Men's First Team coach Andriy Berezovchuk talks to his players. Credit: Ruben Urquiza (
Despite these hurdles, the Rooks continued to press on to make sure that they had a chance to come back, preventing Roscoe from scoring and resetting their offense. Midfielder Al Stanković prevented another one-on-one score from Roscoe at 21’ with a huge tackle, and Men’s First Team coach Andriy Berezovchuk unloaded the bench at 26’ to try and create a reinvigorated offensive effort from the Rooks. Even with the changes, however, the game remained in Roscoe’s hand going into halftime with the club’s players consistently winning midfield battles and the Rooks not appearing confident when scoring opportunities arose.
While being down by 2, the Rooks were sure to continue pressing on after re emerging from their locker room. With another half to go, they believed that anything was possible.
“We still have plenty of time,” Stanković said to his teammates on the bench. 
With a readjusted 11, the Rooks were reenergized. Players brought on for leading roles appeared to adjust the pace of the Rooks attack and provide clear opportunities that capitalized on Roscoe’s weak defensive play on the wing.
Kenny Nana (center) rushes past Roscoe's defensive line to cross the ball in.  Credit: Ruben Urquiza (
Edgewater forward Kenny Nana and midfielder Jake Krueger were an ideal partnership. Breaking away from Roscoe’s defenders on the right wing at 52,’ Nana crossed the ball into the box to Krueger, who then delivered a powerful header to make the game 2-1. The Rooks saw that they had a chance, and made sure to continue to press on. Continuing to create chances, Edgewater would almost score again at 60’ with defender David Abidor almost netting another header.
Edgewater’s newly found energy did not faze Roscoe, however. Continuing to rely on the powerful pressing of their forwards, Roscoe would strike again at 68’ with Morais Lee scoring a brace on a one-on-one with Crawford after solid passes from Roscoe’s midfielders created the opportunity and to increase their lead to 3-1. While Edgewater managed to garner more possession in this half, the speed of Roscoe’s forwards made defending against them when they had possession on the counter difficult.
The back-and-forth between the two team’s persisted thanks to Nana and Krueger scoring again. Just like their first goal, Nana crossed left into the box, where Krueger met the ball with another strong header to achieve his brace and to keep the Rooks’ hopes of a crucial draw alive.
Jake Krueger (right) fights off a defender to get inside of the box.  Credit: Ruben Urquiza (
Krueger became Edgewater’s hero in the dying embers of the match. Pressing up into the box, Krueger drew a penalty kick after getting tackled right when he was about to shoot. Taking the penalty, Krueger slammed the ball left, juking Roscoe’s goalkeeper Dhirpal Shah who dived left. The Fire Pitch was filled with the cheers of Edgewater fans, and Men’s First Team assistant coach Carlos Landa was gleaming.
“This is [Krueger’s] first time back from college,” Landa said. “He hasn’t even been to a single [Men’s First Team] practice and he scored a hat-trick!”
Gabriel Masalu (left) and Aidan Crawford (right) defend against Roscoe's Eric Yaw (center).  Credit: Miles Whitworth (
To secure their draw, the Rooks’ defense made sure that Roscoe’s final attempts were for naught. Pressure applied by defenders like Gabriel Masalu prevented Roscoe from getting any more chances besides free kicks. In the 90th minute, a Roscoe free kick almost went in, hitting the right post upon impact. However, learning from the first half, the Rooks got the ball out and secured their 3-3 draw against a formidable opponent. Edgewater now shares the top spot of the MWPL Heartland Division 2 table, with both teams starting to pursue what should be a tight race for promotion.
To catch more Edgewater Castle action, be sure to come to the Fire Pitch this Saturday at 8:30 PM to watch Edgewater's Women''s Team face off against Chicago House AC's Women's Team in a season-opening exhibition match. To purchase tickets, click on the link below:
Be sure to watch the Men’s First Team continue their path to promotion in their next match on Saturday May 18th vs Strikers Fox Valley SC at the Fire Pitch at 8:30 PM. To purchase tickets, click on the link below:

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