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* Ownership *

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As an organization, ECFC strives to do everything we can to bring the game we love further into our communities, and establish a sense of universal community and pride within those communities. 

ECFC is designed to provide for as many players and enthusiasts as possible. It is no secret that too many of our country's most exciting talents and passionate fans are not given easy enough access to the system currently in place, and starting as a local grassroots organization, ECFC hopes to create a longstanding path to that system by supplying the game directly to our communities in as many ways as possible. 

Our goals are not limited to bringing highly entertaining soccer games to our neighbors as spectators, but also to create opportunities for our neighbors to to enjoy the game and each other as a united community through pick up games, special events and community outreach activities. 

We're inviting you to be the next owner of Edgewater Castle FC – for only $75 a year.

Need a more committed relationship? You can even buy a Lifetime Share RIGHT HERE.

Also... You can keep up with all the club's activities inside and out by becoming an owner from other parts of the US or across the globe. We welcome all to participate towards our goals. 




(This is not an investment and there will be no return on or of the money you put in.)

Edgewater Castle Football Club (ECFC)  is registered as a Non-Profit Organization which means that (like a company) it is a legal entity in its own right, independent of the ownership group members. In short, buying the share doesn’t lay you open to any responsibility or liability.

What you'll receive: 

  • Edgewater Castle FC Scarf

  • Edgewater Castle FC Share Certificate (Lifetime Only)

  • The right to vote on Important Club Decisions

Thanks for considering becoming a part of the ECFC family!