Our Partners




We have an incredible team of corporate, apparel and facility partners who support our work with their strong local brands, their dedication to serving the Chicagoland area and their desire to see a more equitable Chicago. If you are interested in joining ECFC as a partner, please let us know

Corporate Sponsors    


Apparel Sponsors 

     Clubhouse Athletic           Diehard Scarves 


Facility Partners  

Edgewater Castle Football Club's Facility Partners give us space to do what we do. We are immensely fortunate to have such wonderful partners that are willing to work with us to develop lasting partnerships around branding support, youth training and neighborhood events in exchange for year round field usage. 

CIBC Fire Pitch 


Chicago Park District    Chicago Futsal Academy           


          Fleet Fields

    Lincoln Yards on Twitter: "At the request of #CPD, Fleet Fields ...


Chicago Super Coach


2021 Portrait Sponsors 

     Glitter Guts


Community Ownership Group 

The Community Ownership Group represents the central driver of Edgewater Castle FC. This group of passionate folks has kept our players and staff supported with resources, consultation and encouragement through every step of our progress so far. We wouldn't exist without them and we are grateful for their guidance, mentorship and passion.

Adam LaVitola, Adam Phillips, Adam Vanderloo, Alphonse Begirwa, Anderson Lawfer, Andy Hayes, Anthony Manderino, Aurora Adachi-Winter, Barbara Swanson, Benjamin Burton, Bryan Bedell, Brendan Mayer, Carrie Coon, Casey Barrett, Christian Castro, Christopher Chmelik, Christopher Crocker, Christopher Singraber, Conor Montgomery, Dan Nestmann, Daniel Shtivelberg, Darlene Swanson, Drew Johnson, Emily Love, Frank Luna, Gavin Robinson, George Zerante, Jacob Payne, James Manno, James Vincent Meredith, Jared Bellot, Jeff Hildebrandt, Jeff Talbert, Joe Johnstone, John Carruthers, Jon Cohen, Jordan McClure, Joseph Pulichene, Josh Linden, Joshua Coon, Joyce Mallman Law, Justin Burns, Kadin McGreevy, Kathleen Manning, Katrina Pulichene, Kenneth Swanson, Kevin Hamilton, Kevin Hoffman, Kristin Boffeli, Mary Leahey-Bennett, Matthew Luzadder, Michael Hoffman, Owen Garrick, Patrick Ketza, Peter Bennett, Raoul Adwan, Sarah Anderson, Scott McKenna, Sean Trinka, Shane Bridge, Shannon Haines, Stefanie Hare, Stephen T Gagnier, Stuart Fuller, Tara Donnelly, Thomas Arnison, Thomas Dixon, Todd Boffeli, Usman Ally, Walter Johnson.

Want to join the Community Ownership Group and be a part of the next step? Click Here.