Women's First Team and Chicago House Women's Draw 1-1

Women's First Team and Chicago House Women's Draw 1-1
The Women’s First Team displayed their resilience in a hard fought draw this week.
Women’s First Team vs. Chicago House AC Women (Exhibition Match): 1-1 DRAW
The Women’s First Team faced off Chicago House AC Women in their home opener Saturday night at the Fire Pitch where offensive determination from both sides led to a well-earned draw.
Edgewater goalkeeper Nicole D'Agostino looks out at the crowd. Credit: Connor Macintosh (https://www.instagram.com/connor.aden/)
157 supporters showed up for the exhibition match, creating a lively atmosphere with a lot on the line.​ Though they play in different leagues (Edgewater in United Women’s Soccer and House in Women’s Premier Soccer League), the two teams had history; Edgewater beat House last year 5-1 in a friendly match, House Women’s first ever match. With the start of their seasons commencing, both sides wanted to make a statement with their play and garner the momentum needed to make a push for the top of their tables.
Edgewater started the game strong, maintaining the majority of possession at kickoff and creating chances. Rooks Lauren Hall, Darian Lucas, and Saige Bingman each nearly let balls into the goal, but House goalkeeper Abby Haskell remained steadfast in blocking their advances.
Courtney Sengstock's strike bounces off the post. Credit: Connor Macintosh (https://www.instagram.com/connor.aden/)
While pressing into House’s third at 20’, Rooks teammates and sisters Cameron Sengstock and Courtney Sengstock were close; after running past House’s defenders, Cameron passed the ball to Courtney, who was one-on-one with Haskell. Seeing her chance, she launched the ball right, with it only missing the net by inches and bouncing off the post. The Rooks were applying the pressure needed to keep themselves in the game, and House were starting to feel the heat.
The Rooks celebrate after Courtney Sengstock's goal. Credit: Connor Macintosh (https://www.instagram.com/connor.aden/)
The Rook’s pressing would eventually lead to success shortly after with a strike at 35’. Taking the ball from House in midfield, Saige Bingman would launch the ball towards the center of the net from outside of the box, where Haskell blocked the ball away left. However, Courtney Sengstock was there to capitalize, striking left of Haskell and away from her reach off of the deflection. Continuing to apply pressure for the rest of the first 45’, the Rooks were able to maintain a 1-0 scoreline heading into the second half.
House goalkeeper Abby Haskell recovers the ball after an Edgewater offensive push. Credit: Connor Macintosh (https://www.instagram.com/connor.aden/)
For the start of the second, the story remained the same for the Rooks, continuously getting the ball close to House’s net. The pressure would offer them more and more chances as time progressed, but Edgewater couldn’t seem to get past the defense that Haskell maintained. House almost struck back at 53’ with a free kick just landing north on the crossbar; if Edgewater wanted to win the game, their chances had to be taken advantage of.
This, however, would not be the case. Though Edgewater continued to press on, inaccurate passing and strikes from their players would keep the 1-0 scoreline constant deep into the end of the game. Capitalizing off of Edgewater’s lack of a goal cushion, House sealed the game’s draw at 88’ with a free kick to remember; Veronica Davila angled the ball over the Rooks wall and into the top left corner of the Rooks goal past goalkeeper Carlie Hansen.
With the defense of the Rooks preventing goal opportunities for House and with House’s defense stopping the onslaught of attempts the Rooks laid down upon them, both teams walked away with a hard-fought draw.
Edgewater Castle’s next home match will be the Men’s First Team continuing their path to promotion this Saturday May 18th vs Strikers Fox Valley SC at the Fire Pitch at 8:30 PM. To purchase tickets, click the button below:
Be sure to also catch the next Women’s Team home game May 25th vs Rockford Raptors FC at 7 PM at the Fire Pitch, their first ever meeting with last year’s ISSA State Champions. To purchase tickets, click the button below:
Written by: Gareth Mullins

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