Great Teamwork Seals Rooks' 6-2 Win Over Strikers

Great Teamwork Seals Rooks' 6-2 Win Over Strikers
Solid teamwork by the Rooks created a 6-2 scoring frenzy last Saturday, the first time the Men’s First Team has scored 6 goals in all competitions since joining the MWPL.
Men’s First Team vs. Strikers Fox Valley (MWPL): 6-2 WIN
De Carro (Edgewater) 2’, 63’
Kamil (Edgewater) 14’, 33’
Arwmwari (Strikers) 15’
Blindheim (Edgewater) 29’
Krueger (Edgewater) 40’
Anderson (Strikers) 71’
The Men’s First Team beat Strikers Fox Valley Saturday night at the Fire Pitch 6-2, a decisive win that puts them within striking distance of the top of the MWPL Heartland Division 2 table.
Saturday’s game was the first time ever the two sides have faced each other. With Edgewater fighting for promotion and with Strikers trying to rise away from the bottom standings of their division in their MWPL debut season, both sides wanted a victory to help them achieve their aspirations for the future.
William de Carro clashes with a Strikers defender. Credit: Ruben Urquiza (
Edgewater set the tempo early, scoring just as the game was starting up. Two minutes into the game, Edgewater wing Jostein Blindheim shot a freekick that curved left, making Strikers goalkeeper Jan Miazek deflect it by diving towards it. Despite Miazek’s efforts, the ball was deflected back into the box, where Edgewater midfielder William de Carro capitalized, striking left again past Miazek to seal the first goal of the game.
Bardia Kimiavi and Murtadha Kamil (center) celebrate after scoring. Credit: Ruben Urquiza (
The Rooks would continue piling on the pressure, scoring again at 14’. Stripping the ball from Strikers’ possession in their box after a poorly thrown ball in, Edgewater wing Bardia Kimiavi set up Edgewater striker Murtadha Kamil to score, passing to him past Miazek and leaving him with an empty goal to take advantage of.
Despite being down by 2, there was still fire in the eyes of Strikers’ players. Just a minute later at 15’, Strikers player Munashe Ariwamwari rushed past the Rooks backline and launched a ball left past the reach of Edgewater goalkeeper Aidan Crawford and into the Rooks post. Following the strike, the ball was deflected into the Rooks' net, keeping the Strikers in the game.
Jostein Blindheim shoots the ball past Strikers' defenders and into the net. Credit: Ruben Urquiza (
Edgewater’s response was swift, thanks to Bardia Kimiavi’s offensive coordination with his teammates. After getting the ball from Kamil, Kimiavi would rush past Strikers’ defenders left. Seeing an opportunity for Blindheim to score, Kimiavi passed to him when he was in position at the center of the box. From there at 29’ a position where Blindheim launched the ball straight over Miazek’s dive and into the net to make it 3-1.
Jake Krueger (left) fights for the ball. Credit: Liam Hettinger (
The Rooks’ teamwork in Strikers’ third would continue, leading to two more goals in quick succession. At 33’, Kimiavi would continue to take advantage of Strikers’ weak left side defending, crossing the ball left to Kamil for him to score his brace. Blindheim at 40’ passed the ball left again, this time to Edgewater striker Jake Krueger who had a clear shot into the net. The chemistry between the Rooks was on clear display, and Strikers looked to have no clear solution to stop their 5-1 offensive onslaught.
TJ Cairney (center) jumps for the ball. Credit: Ruben Urquiza (
The goalscoring dissipated for the second half as both sides’ defenses locked into the game. Efforts by Rooks Kenny Nana, TJ Cairney, and David Abidor prevented Strikers from mounting any comeback from being down by 4. The Rooks would punish Strikers’ lack of defending on the right at 63’, where Kimiavi would make his third assist of the game by passing the ball left to de Carro, who slyly shifted the ball past the reach of Miazek and into the left corner of the net. Strikers player Erick Anderson would go on to score from the left at 71’, shooting high above substitute goalkeeper Jack Monson's reach from deep left in the Rooks’ box, a shining moment to the Strikers’ defeat. In the end, the Rooks sealed their continued hopes for promotion, earning a 6-2 victory thanks to the efforts and collaboration of their offensive playmakers.
Edgewater Castle’s next home match will be the Women’s First Team facing off against 2023 Illinois State Champions Rockford Raptors FC at the Fire Pitch at 7 PM this Saturday. To purchase tickets, click the button below:
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Written by: Gareth Mullins

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