Last Tuesday, the Women's First Team made Edgewater Castle FC history at Montrose Turf Field by winning the club's first ever trophy in a nail-biting match against Rockford Raptors.

Women's First Team vs. Rockford Raptors (USASA Region 2 Championship): 5-4 WIN

Co. Sengstock 5', 45'

K. Egan 64'

A. Buechel 69'

K. Boos 90'

Rockford Raptors 10', 20', 43', 51'

As a crowd of over 100 supporters watched on, both the Rooks and the Raptors looked to get the silverware that would guarantee their team a chance in the national spotlight as a part of the USASA National Cup Final Four. The Rooks wanted revenge after a stinging 2-1 loss to Rockford earlier in the UWS season; the Raptors, on the other hand, wanted to keep up their momentum through their speedy style of play.

Courtney Sengstock rushes forwards past downed Rockford Raptors defenders. Credit: Ruben Urquiza  (https://www.instagram.com/ru_shoots/)

The tension of the match was felt early with an early 1-1 tie. At 5', Courtney Sengstock would sneak past Rockford's defenders to net the first goal. Shortly after, however, Rockford's press got the best of the Rooks and landed a 10' equalizer. 

Rockford would continue to press in the first half with their fast-paced action. Running past the Rooks' defenders, the Raptors would score goals at both 20' and 43' to land a 3-1 lead.

However, Sengstock would not be deterred by the pressure. Right before the end of the half, she would land a screamer to net her brace and to keep the Rooks in the game. Now 3-2 at halftime, both players and fans alike could feel how tight the game was; both teams were giving their all to get a taste of national play.

When the second half began, Rockford looked keen on keeping punishing the Rooks defense; the Raptors would score another early goal at 51' by sending a powerful ball in the center of Edgewater's net make the game 4-2. Now needing three goals, the Rooks would need to rally quickly to get themselves to the top of USASA Region 2.

Amanda Buechel eyes an opportunity to press forwards. Credit: Ruben Urquiza  (https://www.instagram.com/ru_shoots/)

To the pleasant surprise of the Edgewater fans, the Women's First Team at large were able to do just that. Pressing forwards into the box, the Rooks would find themselves able to score twice in the span of 5 minutes; first with a strong ball from Kily Egan into the top corner at 64' and another tap in goal by Amanda Buechel at 69' after the Rooks would continue to force Rockford's defenders to protect their goal deep. 

Defender Jackie Tamas prepares to strip the ball off of a Rockford Raptors player. Credit: Ruben Urquiza  (https://www.instagram.com/ru_shoots/)

With the game tied up, the Rooks' defensive excellence then came into play. Learning from how the Raptors were pressing against them earlier in the match, the Rooks were able to make the defensive shifts needed to hold possession and prevent Rockford for taking meaningful chances. The Rooks persisted all the way up to the 90th minute, where all signs were pointing to the match going into extra time.

Kris Boos (middle) points to the sky after landing a memorable free kick. Credit: Ruben Urquiza  (https://www.instagram.com/ru_shoots/)

However, right before the final whistle, the Rooks drew a free kick just outside the box while making one final press. Kris Boos, with the weight of the final on her shoulders, would take the free kick to determine whether the Rooks could seal the deal. In a story book ending, Boos would launch the ball perfectly left past Rockford's keeper for the historic 5-4 win.

The Women's First Team raises the USASA Region 2 trophy. Credit: Ruben Urquiza  (https://www.instagram.com/ru_shoots/)

In a tear-filled celebration with the club's staff, the Rooks would go on to hoist their club's first ever trophy after a hard-fought match for the history books. With their medals swinging and the USASA Region 2 conquered, this phenomenal women's side is now eager to face Utah's own Pan World Elite WFC in the USASA National Cup Semi-Final at Northern Illinois University Soccer Complex in DeKalb, Illinois on Friday, July 26th at 8:00 PM. 


Edgewater Castle FC celebrates making history. Credit: Ruben Urquiza  (https://www.instagram.com/ru_shoots/)

Written By: Gareth Mullins (https://www.instagram.com/garithimo/)

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