We invite you to create a new anthem for our soccer club Edgewater Castle FC! Send in your proposal, be selected by our jury, win the prize, and have your song sung with pride by Chicagoans for years to come. The deadline for submission is at noon on April 8th 2021.


About Us

Edgewater Castle F.C. is a community-oriented soccer club that provides access to the game for those that don’t have it. ECFC represents the beautiful diversity that exists in our city and uses the game to bring people together in this time of division. In May 2021, our team will be moving up to compete regionally in the Midwest Premier League for the first time. We would like to kick off this next chapter in our club’s history by finding our club’s anthem. So we are seeking out musicians, artists, and composers to create it for us.


What Is An Anthem?

In the football world, an Anthem (or chant or hymn) is more than a team’s song, it is a part of their identity.  The anthem should move us.  The anthem should represent us.  It’s a song we sing for our players, a song we sing in victory, a song that gives us strength in defeat. The Anthem gives us a feeling of identity and unity - for our club, for Edgewater, and for Chicago.

Here's one example: (more info below)


The Prize

A selection jury comprised of club staff, club owners, players, sponsors & fans will collectively determine the winner. The winner will receive:

  • Cash prize of $250
  • Lifetime Membership with ECFC  --  $1,000 value 
  • 4 hours of studio time at Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago facilities only) with professional engineer to be used for recording, mixing, or mastering --  $240 value
  • One year-long ESS membership  --  $40 value
  • Professional audio recording of your anthem to be used however you wish  --  $120 value


Anthem Guidelines

  • can have any instrumentation and/or musical style*
  • must be between 45 seconds and 2 minutes in duration
  • must have lyrics that are (mostly) in English, fun to chant & easy to learn
  • will be sung by fans during games
  • should have a driving drum rhythm
  • should have a clear structure 
    • e.g.: intro / verse 1 / chorus / verse 2 / chorus / chorus (variation) / outro
  • should pick up tempo in the last third of its compositional structure
  • should take inspiration for the music & lyrics from the following:
    • our mission & who we are
    • our nickname:  The Rooks
    • our motto: Strength Against the Storm
    • our values: Opportunity, Respect, Resilience
    • our global identity, community, and collaborative spirit
    • Chicago - its people, its lakeshore, its flag
    • castles, waves, Edgewater, our team colors
    • look for more inspiration and context below and on our website

* artists should note that the Anthem will also be adapted by ECFC bandleader Thom Schwartz to be played by a brass & drum section and sung by our fans during games.


    To Take Part

    • research the relevant elements about the club below and here: ECFC  & here: Press Kit
    • compose & record your anthem
    • create a 320kbit/s MP3, and WAV-File - 44.1kHz/16Bit
    • upload your anthem & fill out the form here:

     The Deadline for Submission is Noon on April 8th, 2021


    Info & Inspiration

    Here are some examples of musicians and anthems that you can draw ideas from if you so choose:



    If you run into any problems or have any questions, please reach out to:



    Thanks to our project partner: